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October 10, 2022
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ABB Brake Motor

ABB brake aluminum motors are standard motors modified for braking duties, i.e. three phase induction motors with standard dimensions and output rating. The electro-magnetic disc brake is powered by DC current through a rectifier located in terminal box. When the brake coil is de-energized, the brake is actuated by spring pressure. ABB brake motors are highly acclaimed in the market due to its high performance and ensuring a reliable service over the lifetime. The comprehensive range is offering full compliance to the global standards, high efficiency for energy and cost savings, as well as competitive delivery times.


ABB Brake motor Brochure PDF

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  • Aluminum motors: motor type M3AA
  • Output power from 0.12 to 22 kW.
  • Frame sizes: 71 to 180
  • IE2 and IE3 efficiency classes.
  • Specially developed brake for highest function security.
  • Braking disc with low wear and maintenance.
  • Easy installation.