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October 10, 2022
Havells Smoke Spill Motor
October 10, 2022
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ABB Smoke Spill Motor

Smoke extraction motors play a critical role in keeping tunnels safe. In the event of a tunnel fire, lives depend on the ability of extraction fans – and the electric motors driving them – to disperse toxic fumes and smoke quickly and efficiently. Smoke extraction motors must be capable of withstanding the high temperatures generated in fire zones and continue to work reliably under these extreme circumstances.
In normal daily operation they are part of the comfort ventilation system which maintains tunnel air quality. Ideally the motors are controlled by variable speed drives (VSDs) to allow adjustable fan settings saving energy.

ABB Smoke Spill Motor PDF

  • Tested at a third party laboratory in India for operation at 300°C 60 min, 250°C 120 min
  • Frame sizes 71 to 250, up to 55 kW
  • Both horizontal and vertical mountings
  • IP55 protection
  • Insulation class H
  • Temperature rise class B, F
  • Cooling IC411 as standard, IC418 as option
  • Grey aluminum painting
  • Insulation suitable for high temperature applications
  • Wide range of options like extended cables, PAD mounting
  • Efficiency classes IE2, IE3