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October 11, 2022
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October 11, 2022
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BBL Brake Motor

Brake motors are offered for various application requiring almost instantaneous stopping if driven with load. These motors are offered in frame size 71 to 132. Their operation is of “fail safe” type, i.e., the brake applied when power to the motor is switched off, or if power failure occurs.


BBL Brake Motor Brochure PDF



KW/HP 0.25 To 9.3 KW / ( 0.33 To 12.5 HP)
RPM/Pole 1500 RPM (4 Pole)
1000 RPM (6 Pole)
750 RPM (8 Pole)
Frame Size 71 To 132
Mounting B3 Foot Mounted
B5 Flange Mounted
B35 Foot cum Flange Mounted
Standard IE2
Ambient Temperature 50 °C
Body Enclosure Cast Iron
Duty S1 / S4
Enclosure TEFC
Insulation class F Class
Phase 3 Phase Motor
IP degree of protection IP55
Voltage 415 V +-10%
Frequency 50 Hz +-5%