Parallel Shaft Gear Box

  • Overview
  • ‘HDP’ Series parallel shaft and Bevel Helical Gear Box comes in Monobloc Cast Iron body with extremely rigid and silent and smooth operation. This gear fitted with either Taper Roller OR Extra Large Self-aligning Roller bearing for taking extra overhung load. Gear ratios are in 12% progression between consecutive values. Forced ventilation are available by Fan, Cooling coil OR by exchanger cooling unit.

    Torque ratings consistently high, gear ratios in close progression, numerous mounting options along with compact dimensions will ease the engineering of any application.The housing from nodular cast iron ensures robustness even in the harshest environment and the class of precision the gear are machined into helps producing an extremely quit and vibration-free operation.

  • Technical Specification
  •                                                      Bevel Helical Gear

    Sizes                                            HDP 60 2 TO HDP 1604

    Torque Range [Nm]                    3,900 Nm to 1,33,700 Nm

    Ratio                                             7.1:1 to 534.5:1

    Motor Power Range [kW]            4.6 Kw to 1,628 Kw



    Foot, flange, shaft mounting



    solid shaft, motor adapter



    solid (single and double extension), keyed hollow, shrink disc



    Fan cooling, cooling coil, heaters

    Indipendent cooling system


    Non-contacting seals

    Forced lubrication

    Temperature and oil level sensors


    Taconite seals


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