• Overview
  • TopGear offers a combination of strong design with small or large clearances, unique gear tooth profile and options such as electrical heating and built-on safety relief valves. The extensive TopGear series is divided into three ranges; the TG GA-range for general purposes, the TG HA-range for high demanding applications and the TG L-range that offers high efficiency when transporting low viscosity fluids. For applications demanding leak-free operation a magnetically driven, TG MAG, is available.

  • Technical Specification
  • TGL-TGG-TGh table

  • Features
  • TopGear G-series is available in cast iron with inline port connections. Baseplate-mounted. Heating and cooling jackets are available for pump cover and around shaft seal. Built-on single or double safety relief valves are available.

    TopGear H-seriesis available in nine different sizes. The modular design gives a wide range of possibilities. Shaft seal options include single and double mechanical seals as well as packed gland and cartridge seals. Baseplate-mounted.Heating and cooling jackets are available for pump cover and around shaft seal. Single or double safety relief valves are available built-on. Connections from 32 to 150 mm.

    TopGear L-seriesis available in six different sizes. Shaft seal options include mechanical seals, packed gland and double flushed PTFE lipseals. Flange-mounted or bracket for foot-mounting, the TG L pedestal fits to IEC-flanged motors. Safety relief valves are available built-on or separately. Connection sizes from 1″ to 1.1/2″.


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