• Overview
  • We offer you a range of reliable high-pressure multistage pumps. It includes a series of horizontal pumps, MCH and a series of vertical pumps, MCV. The horizontal types can also be supplied in a self-priming version, MCHZ.

    The pumps consist of an inlet and outlet casing and a number of stages in between them. Each basic type is designed with a number of pressure stages. A pressure stage consists of radial diffusor channels and a matching impeller.

    Flange dimensions, bolt circle and number of holes are according DIN 2535 ND 40.
    The horizontal pumps are driven by a standard IEC foot motor. The vertical pumps are driven by a standard IEC flange motor, which is connected to the lantern piece of the pump. A fitting edge ensures that alignment is not required. For all pumps the power is transmitted through a flexible coupling.
    Due to the modular design there is a high level of interchangeability of parts between the multi-stage pump types.

    Shaft sealing options available are mechanical seals as well as gland packing.

  • Technical Specification
  • Max. capacity                            100 m3/h

    Max. head                                 340 m/h

    Max. working pressure              4000 kPa (40 bar) 

    Max. temperature                      150 °C [MCH]

                                                      120 °C [MCV]

                                                      120 °C [MCHZ]

    Max. speed                                3600 rpm

    Materials                                    Cast Iron, Bronze

  • Features
  • Rigid, reliable construction 


    High pump efficiency 


    Low maintenance cost 


    Mechanical seal or gland packing 


    Atex Certification


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