• Overview
  • The SPX Johnson Pump CombiTherm is developed especially for thermal oil (DIN 4754) and hot water applications EN12953-6 (DIN 4752) (ratings and dimensions to EN 733 (DIN 24255)). CombiTherm ensures uniform process temperatures while keeping damaging heat away from seal faces and bearings. CombiTherm is designed to require no external cooling when working within the given parameters. The throttle bush, journal bearing and seal placement reduce circulation and temperature along the pump length. This greatly reduces the temperature at the seal face and bearings. Typical liquid temperatures of 250° C (482° F) at the pump inlet will be as low as 100° C (212° F) at the seal faces.

    The CombiTherm is developed around the well known Combi Modular system. Our modular design provides for maximum interchangeability of components between the variants and also with other pump types of the Combi system; thereby greatly limiting the number of spare parts to be kept in stock.

    SPX also offers a full line of filters, valves and heat exchangers.

  • Technical Specification
  • Max. Capacity                          350 m3/h (50 Hz)

                                                     400 m3/h (60 Hz)

    Max. Head                                110 m/h (50 Hz)

                                                     160 m/h (60 Hz

    Max. Working Pressure            1600 kPa (16 bar) 

    Max. Liquid Temperature          Thermal Oil 350 °C 

                                                      Hot water 190 °C

    Max. Speed                               3600 rpm

    Materials                                   nodular Cast Iron

  • Features
  • Nodular cast iron construction.


    Long cooling length displacing seal away from the pumped liquid.


    Back vanes and labyrinth prevent solids from reaching bearing and seals.


    Product lubricated slide bearing.


    Standard mechanical seal. 


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