• Overview
  • CombiBloc represents a range of horizontal centrifugal pumps close-coupled to electric motors. The pump is suitable for handling low-viscositty, clean or slightly contaminated and aggressive liquids. Characteristic of the CombiBloc is the compact configuration of the pump and the electric motor assembly. The use of a stub shaft allows standard IEC electric motors to be used. Thanks to the small number of components and the use of a mechanical seal, the CombiBloc requires little maintenance. This is further supported by Back Pull Out of the rotating assembly. The CombiBloc has applications in crop farming and market gardening, on board ships and in handling various chemicals.

  • Technical Specification
  • Max. capacity                        850 m3/h

    Max. head                             105 m

    Max. working pressure          1000 kPa (10 bar)

    Max. temperature                  120 °C

    Max. speed                            3600 rpm

    Materials                                Cast Iron, bronze, stainless steel

  • Features
  • Compact, economic, space saving construction


    No shaft alignment required


    Outstanding hydraulic performance


    High efficiency impeller


    Closed impeller with back vanes providing axial balancing of impeller loads


    Easy maintenance


    Low maintenance cost


    Easy to install without heavy foundation


    Atex certification


    Vertical arrangement as an option


    Standard mechanical shaft seal EN 12756 (DIN 24690)


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