SP COUPLED SET Self Priming Non Clog Motor Coupled Pumpset

  • Overview
  • Kirloskar ‘SP’ Series Pumps are of non clog and self priming type. They are used in various marine, industrial, civil construction, mobile machinery and public utilities applications.

  • Technical Specification
  • Head 6- 34 metres

    Capacity 77.5-0.6 litres per second

    Power Rating

    For Motor Drive> 0.75 kW to 18.7 kW (1.0 HP to 25.0 HP)

    For Engine Drive> 4.0kW to 19.5kW (6.0HP to 26.0HP)

    Voltage range 350 – 440V (3 Ph) 200 – 240V (1 Ph)


  • Features
  • Efficiency at par with internationally available pumps.

     Quick automatic self-priming action.

    Designed for automatic air release during priming.

    Non-clogging impeller to handle suspended solids.

    Repairs possible without disturbing the pipe connection due to back pull out design (except SP’0′).

    Portable, when fitted on trolley/trailer.

    Suitable for engine / motor.

    No need for foot value.

    Long life – Due to replaceable wearing parts.

    Dynamically balanced rotating parts ensure minimum vibrations.

    Easy maintenance and spares availability.


  • Application
  • Marine-Pumping water from docks, ports, vessels.
    industrial : Petroleum products, chemicals, effluents, sewage, ash-water etc.
    Civil construction : Dewatering foundation, trenches and pits.
    Mobile Machinery : Cooling water for marine engines and shovels.
    Public utilities : Sewage pumping.


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