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October 3, 2022
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SPX Johnson Combi Therm (CT)

CombiTherm represents a range of centrifugal pumps, used in heat transfer systems (DIN 4754) or in hot water circulation systems, which meet ratings and main dimensions to EN 733 (DIN 24255). Flange dimensions, bolt circle and number of holes comply with ISO 7005 PN16. The pumps are also available with bolt circle and number of holes comply with ASMEB16.5- 150lbs. The pump is driven by a standard IEC foot motor. The power is transmitted through a flexible coupling. Because of their modular lay-out, constructional components are widely interchangeable, also with other pump types of the Combi system.

SPX CombiTherm PDF

Casing: Nodular cast iron
Impeller: Cast iron, Satinless steel
Max. capacity: 350 m3/h / 1541GPM [50Hz]
400 m3/h / 1761GPM [60Hz]
Max. delivery head: 100 m / 361ft [50Hz]
160 m /525ft [60Hz]
Max. liquid temp: Thermal oil 350°C / 662°F
Hot water 190C / 374F
Max. pressure: 16bar / 232psi
Max. speed: 3600 rpm