CG Crane Duty Slip Ring Motor
October 11, 2022
Marathon Crane Duty Slip Ring Motor
October 11, 2022
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Kirloskar Crane Duty Slip Ring Motor

Kirloskar Electric manufactures a wide range of AC motors. These motors are specially for crane applications  and other arduous duties of auxiliary steel mill drives such as transfer cars, titers, pushers, coilers, winchers etc. Both wound rotor (slip ring) motors  and cage motors are used depending on the application and controls.


Kirloskar Crane duty slip ring motor Brochure  PDF



Starting DOL up to 100 & Star Delta for 112 above frames
Permissible starts/hr Cold successive – 4 hot successive – 3 equally spread – 6
Loading at reduced volts 75% Rated volts for 5 minutes.
Insulation / temp.rise Class `F’ / 70°C
Direction of rotation Bi-directional
No. Of leads 3 up to 100 & 6 for frame 112 & above
Connection Star Up to 90 frame, 6, & 8 pole ratings of 100 Frames

Delta 2 & 4 pole ratings of 100 frame & 112 and above all ratings

Degree of protection IP 55
Method of cooling IC 411 position RHS looking from DE (towards DE up to 160).
Bearing life
(90% survival basis)
40,000 working hrs. For direct drive
20,000 working hrs. For belt drive
Vibration Normal class as per IS: 12075
Noise As per IS: 12065
Construction Foot / ‘B’ flange
Frame sizes ePM80 to 160′, ‘eSC180 to 355’.(For ‘B’ flange mounting ratings covered in ‘eSC180M’ to be offered in ‘eVSC180L’, & ratings covered in ‘eSC225S’ to be offered in ‘eVSC225M’) Shaft extension Single cylindrical extension as per IS: 1231 Body material Cast iron material Cast iron Fan material Aluminium up to 160, Cast iron for 180 – 225, mild steel for 250 to 355 Frames Accessories Nil Paint & shade Epoxy base RAL5012 Bearing type
Greasing facility
Prelubricated sealed bearing from 80-160. Open type Bearing
from 180. Online greasing facility is for 180 to 355 only