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October 3, 2022
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October 3, 2022
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Elecon Gear Coupling

ELIGN Gear coupling consists of hubs with multi crowned teeth at Flank, tip and teeth.
ELIGN Gear coupling is a simple, compact and light unit for transmitting the same power when compared to the couplings of similar capacity available in the market.
The ELIGN Gear couplings are manufactured in Elecon’s state of the art technology manufacturing plant on precision CNC machines. The new series of Gear couplings has a technology superiority compared with the other gear coupling available in the market. The usage of high quality material and workmanship is built-in-feature of ELIGN Gear couplings.
A Gear Coupling is used to join two rotating shafts for efficient transmission of mechanical power. Although the shafts are accurately aligned at the time of installation, it is likely that during the operation the alignment may get disturbed due to setting of foundation, thermal expansion, shaft deflection, wearing out of other parts, improper maintenance and many more reasons. Due to this unavoidable misalignment occurring during the operation a gear coulping provides a better solution to compensate or minimise the effect of misalignment.
The gear Couplings are therefore idealy suited for wide range of application in the entire field of drive technology.


Type Size Rating
ED – With double housing
ER – With one end rigid
ET – With spacer
EV – For vertical application
ES – With single housing
130 to 110000 da N.m. 0.136 to 115.19 kW per RPM