Siemens Crane Duty Motor
October 11, 2022
BBL Flameproof IE2, IE3 Motor
October 11, 2022
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ABB Flameproof IE2, IE3 Motor

To ensure equipment can be safely used in potentially explosive atmospheres, the explosive atmospheres where the equipment is installed must be known. The temperature class of equipment must be compared with the spontaneous ignition the equipment of the gas mixtures concerned,and in specific cases the gas group must be known (e.g., flameproof protection).
The motor enclosure is designed in such a way that no internal explosion can be transmitted to the explosive atmosphere surrounding the motor. The enclosure must withstand, without damage, any pressure levels caused by an internal explosion. The shape, length, and gap of joints of part assemblies, at shaft openings, cable entries, etc., shall be designed to allow for throttling and cooling of hot gases escaping outside. The standards emphasize the impact of an explosive atmosphere (for instance, explosion pressure) over constructional requirements of such apparatus.


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