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October 9, 2022
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October 9, 2022
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Shell Argina Oil

Clean engines are efficient engines. Shell Argina oils have always kept engines exceptionally clean. With increased resistance to fuel oil contamination and physical thickening, new Argina further improves resistance to the formation of deposits caused by Thermal and Asphaltene Stress in heavy fuel engines.
Control of deposits in the ring belt prevents ring sticking, blow-by and liner damage. Keeping the piston undercrown clean maintains the cooling of the crown, which prevents burning and prolongs piston life.In field trials, new Argina has clearly demonstrated visible improvement in ring belt cleanliness and significant reduction in undercrown deposits.


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When examining the symptoms of Oil Stress in engines, it can be seen that some oils perform well against some criteria but poorly against others.
• Oil A showed good oil durability but performed poorly on piston cleanliness, giving far greater quantities of piston undercrown deposits than new Shell Argina.
• Testing of Oil B resulted in good engine cleanliness but demonstrated poor oil durability, both in terms of resistance to viscosity increase and BN retention.
• Only new Shell Argina performed well in all categories and therefore is shown to give the best overall defence against the symptoms of Oil Stress
New Argina is approved by major engine manufacturers including Caterpillar (MaK), MAN B&W, SEMT-Pielstick and Wärtsilä.