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October 3, 2022
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Kirloskar KPD/KPDQF

Kirloskar KPD/KPDQF/KPDJ process pumps are used for handling various types of chemical liquids. These process pumps are manufactured to close tolerance and are of rigid construction. However, proper installation, operation and maintenance are equally important to ensure trouble free service. KPD/KPDQF/KPDJ process pumps are either gland packed or mechanically sealed. KPD pumps come with an enclosed impeller (with casing cover for heating/cooling arrangement.). KPD-QF pumps are equipped with a semi-open impeller while the KPD-J type pumps come with a jacketed delivery, casing and casing cover.


End Suction Process Pump KPD/KPDQF/KPDJ PDF

  • Delivery size up to 350 mm
  • Capacity up to 1550 m3/hr
  • Head up to 225 metres
  • Working pressure 16 – 25 bar
  • Temperature (-) 50° C – 350° C