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SPX Johnson Combinorm (CN)

CombiNorm represents a range of horizontal centrifugal pumps suited for handling low-viscosity, clean or slightly contaminated liquids. The pump is designed to EN733 (DIN24255); however the number of available types is somewhat larger, which provides a wider hydraulic field. A characteristic of the CombiNorm is the large number of material, shaft seal and bearing system options. The modular design offers maximum interchangeability between the variants. Hence CombiNorm is able to handle most pump duties. If more sophisticated components are required, only the relevant bearing or shaft seal module needs to be replaced with the one having the right specifications.

Combinorm PDF

Casing: Cast iron, Nodular cast iron, Bronze
Impeller: Cast iron, Bronze
Max. capacity: 1 500m3/h
Max. delivery head: 140 m
Max. liquid temp: 200°C
Max. pressure: 16 bar (10 bar)
Max. speed: 3 600 rpm