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October 12, 2022
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Bharat Bijlee MV Motors

This MV motors literature covers Bharat Bijlee’s high voltage three phase squirrel cage induction
motors range for general industrial application. These motors are manufactured using
Bharat Bijlee’s tried and tested DCCA technology, offering high performance and better
reliability with the use of dual cooling circuits.
These motors are suitable for use in various industrial sectors such as Power Generation,
Mining, Chemical, Cement, Iron and Steel, Paper and Pulp, Water, Waste Water treatment etc.
The motors can serve various applications such as Pump, Compressor, Conveyor, Mill,
Fan, Blower, etc.

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  • Voltage : 690, 3300 and 6600 Voltage
  • Variation : ±10%
  • Frequency : 50Hz
  • Frequency variation : ±5%
  • Combined variation : ± 10%
  • Type Frame Size and kW range: 315F to 450L, 160kW to 1000kW