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September 28, 2022
Radicon PBL K Series Bevel Helical Gear Box & Geared Motors
September 28, 2022
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Bonfiglioli A Series Bevel Helical Gear Box & Geared Motors

The A Series combines high efficiency and reliability, low maintenance costs and a wide torque range. The right angle layout between INPUT and OUTPUT makes the A Series particularly compact. The gear set combination makes this right-angle product the most efficient and durable in Bonfiglioli’s light- and medium-duty portfolio. The A Series can be completed with a wide range of electric motors entirely manufactured by Bonfiglioli. Asynchronous motors both IEC and compact (BN-BE-BX/M-ME-MX), servomotors (BMD) and reluctance motors (BSR) can be coupled with the A Series.


  • Torque range
    100 … 14,000 Nm (885 … 123,910 in-lb)
  • Gear ratios
    4.9 … 1,715
  • Transmissible Mechanical Power
    0.22 …150kW
  • Output
    Feet and shaft mount with two bore options per size
    Solid shaft, splined hollow shaft, hollow shaft with shrink discs
  • Motors
    Input with solid shaft
    Input with e-motor coupling:
    – M, ME, MX [compact asynchronous]
    – BMD [servo permanent magnet]
    – BSR [IEC reluctance]
    – BN, BE, BX [IEC asynchronous]
    – BS [IEC single phase]